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TNAG Player Series: Lance Allen


We recently welcomed Lance Allen to the TNAG showroom to lend his masterful fingerstyle playing to countless guitars in our showroom. Lance demonstrated a slew of guitars from some of the finest luthiers in the world; including instruments from Bouchereau, Ray Kraut, G.R. Bear, Blanchard, Bashkin, and many more. Almost every guitar was recorded in a single flawless take, allowing us the time to film Lance playing nearly all of the instruments in multiple styles.

Lance Allen is an internationally accomplished fingerstyle guitarist, having won awards for his playing both in the US and abroad. He is one of the most streamed solo acoustic fingerstyle players in the world, a gifted composer, and an in-demand teacher. He teaches students in all 50 states, and in over twenty countries. He has released over 130 songs on Spotify, with many reaching millions of listens. It is no wonder that Lance was utilized as a featured subject matter expert in the music business book “Music Business Survival Manual”.

It was great to have Lance here in the showroom with us for the day, and his playing in these videos speak for themselves. His compositions exhibited some of our finest instruments, and there are few players that would be able to evoke the true sounds of these instruments in the effortless manner that he accomplished.


Lame Horse Saddle Pal Acoustic Guitar - $9,800



Bouchereau Mistral Acoustic Guitar - $6,100


Bouchereau MJ.C Acoustic Guitar - $9,900 


 Spohn 00 Acoustic Guitar - $8,700



Raymond Kraut 00 Acoustic Guitar - $18,900



Taylor PS14ce Acoustic Guitar - Pre-Owned - $7,250



Bashkin OM Cutaway Acoustic Guitar - Pre-Owned - $9,350



Wilborn Lion Acoustic Guitar - $8,900



Blanchard Bristlecone Acoustic Guitar - Pre-Owned - $13,995



For more information on any of the guitars that Lance played during this session, please get in touch with us here.

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