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TNAG Player Series: Will McNicol

This week we were delighted to welcome incredibly talented fingerstyle guitarist Will McNicol to TNAG HQ for the next instalment in our TNAG Players Series.

Will McNicol

Will was named Acoustic Guitarist of the Year by Guitarist magazine in 2011, and since then has recorded and toured an array of projects as part of ensembles and as a solo artist.

Will spent the day playing some of our finest stock of acoustic guitars from the likes of Bashkin, Greenfield, Kostal and Traugott.

He showcased two pieces on each guitar. 'Red Dog Run' from his 2015 album 'Hitchhiker' with drummer Luke Selby, and an exclusive preview of 'Lighthouse' from Will's forthcoming album.

Kostal Jumbo in Cocobolo & German Spruce - (pre-owned)

Bashkin Multi-Scale OMc in Honduran Mahogany & Swiss Moon Spruce

Traugott 00 in Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce - (pre-owned)

Greenfield G2.2 in East Indian Rosewood and Alpine Spruce - (pre-owned)

Petros Apple Creek GC in Cocobolo and Engelmann Spruce

All of these guitars are available to purchase now! For more information on Will McNicol, visit

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