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TNAG Player Series: Will McNicol

It is fair to say that all of us here at TNAG are spoilt rotten when it comes witnessing immense talent from the artists we get in to film sessions here at our London showroom, and last week was one of those weeks we were all humbled by the sheer talent and consistency of Will McNicol. Since last year Will has become something of a regular here on our website and YouTube channel and we are incredibly proud of that. His playing is heavily inspired by the likes of Stuart Ryan and Clive Caroll and is absolutely beautiful.

Last week we certainly put him through his paces on a huge selection of Avian Guitars, a stunning preowned OO Kostal, a beautiful Greenfield Classical Concert Model and an absolutely outstanding OM-R from Michaud Made ... enjoy:

Kostal OO - Madagascan Rosewood & German Spruce

Michaud Made OM-R Madagascar Rosewood & German Spruce - Pre-Owned

Greenfield Classical Model - Serial #271 - Indian Rosewood - Pre Owned

Avain Songbird Deluxe Fan Fret Mahogany

Avian Songbird Standard Rosewood

Avain Ibis Standard Mahogany

Avian Dove Deluxe Maple

Avian Dove Mahogany Standard

Avian Falcon Deluxe Rosewood

Avian Skylark Deluxe Fan Fret Rosewood

Skylark Standard Cutaway Rosewood

Avian Ibis Standard Cutaway Rosewood

Avian Skylark Standard Cutaway Rosewood

For more information on any of these stunning instruments please do not hesitate to contact us here by calling us on 0207 835 5597 or email us.

Have a great weekend.


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