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TNAG Presents: The Teuffel Black Birdfish Custom

This week saw the making of a thoroughly enjoyable and especially in-depth episode of TNAG Presents in which we took a deep dive into the brand new Black Birdfish Custom model from esteemed builder and innovative mastermind, Ulrich Teuffel.

In this video, I had the opportunity to explore and work through each variable this sensational instrument comes equipped with in the multitude of interchangeable Tonebars and Pickups Ulri provides.

As well as going through each of these sonically, I went through the entire process of making these changes to the instrument in our Guitar Clinic and was blown away by how intuitive and straight-forward it is to set this guitar up with with the multitude of options at hand.

The icing on the cake however, was to really hear and feel the differences made by these components. With the differing tonal characteristics between the Alpine Maple and Mahogany Bars, a great point of interest from a playing perspective was to feel how these changed the way the guitar felt to interact with.

From the initial response and attack in each note played through to the changes sustain and resonance you feel when the guitar sits against you, the Black Birdfish truly is a remarkable experience as much as an inspiring instrument, and believe me, it really is both of those in abundance.

Teuffel Black Birdfish Custom Electric Guitar - £17,950

We are incredibly excited to announce that we now have a limited edition Black Birdfish from mast luthier Ulrich Teuffel, in The North American Guitar showroom. Quite possibly one of the finest electric guitars we have ever seen and played. Built in a chrome body matched with ebony bound Alpine Maple & Mahogany tone bars, this all-new version of the world-renowned Birdfish will set any players world alight!

  • Scale 648 mm
  • 3 different humbuckers, covered with Ebony
  • 2 different single coils, covered with Ebony
  • Neck: Hardrock maple covered with 1,5 mm of Ebony
  • 1 set of tonebars from mahogany, covered with 1 mm of Ebony
  • 1 set of tonebars from alpine maple, covered with 1 mm of Ebony
  • Logo inlayed from stainless steel
  • Stainless steel frets from Wagner

For more information of Ulrich Teuffel and Teuffel Guitars, please do get in touch either by email at or on the phone at 0207 835 5597.

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