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TNAG @ Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration 2016

This year brings with it the very first Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration at the end of this month and I know Ben and I can't wait to catch up with many of the luthiers we represent as well as scout for the very best emerging luthier talent to introduce to Europe.

Shows such as SBAIC have been a vital part of the handbuilt guitar world since the very beginning and I know many of you will share fond memories of the sadly defunct Healdsburg Guitar Festival and Montréal Guitar Show. With the advent of this new show, and with Berlin's Holy Grail Guitar Show now in its third year, 2016 promises to be a landmark year for lovers of the very finest guitars being made today.

We will be posting regularly on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram feeds and look forward to sharing the experience with you! If you see a guitar at the show that you can't live without (and it's highly likely...) then do get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do to make it happen for you!

The following luthiers on our roster will be exhibiting:

Ted Åstrand

Jeff Bamburg

Michael Bashkin

Dale Fairbanks

Michael Greenfield

Jason Kostal

Joel Michaud (Michaud Made)

Tobias Lindberg (TLL Guitars),

Rick Turner

Andrew White

In addition to these wonderful instruments the festival has a strong educational side to it with masterclasses running throughout the weekend. I am very happy to be holding the first one of these on Friday 30th at 1:15pm in the East Garden. This masterclass focuses on three aspects of playing that I personally consider to be absolutely essential: Texture, Timbre and Touch. You can find out more in this video!

Please note that the time and locations of the class have changed since the video was first shot! I will definitely be in the East Garden at 1:15pm on Friday 30th and I hope you'll join me!

The festival features live concerts throughout from some of the finest guitarists in the world such as Tony McManus, Andy McKee, Michael Chapdelaine, Antoine Dufour and others. I will be playing a full concert in The Concert Room at 4:15 on Friday 30th on a very special guitar. More of which in the very near future...

If you are attending the show then please do come up and say hello to Ben and me if you see us, it's always great to meet people who share our passion for the finest custom guitars.

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