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TNAG Session: Stuart Ryan & Will McNicol With Bashkin Guitars

Every now and again we are presented with a rare opportunity that just has to be documented and this session was just one of those times.

As luck would have it we had two of the finest fingerstyle players in the world in the showroom at the same time and managed to turn the camera on to capture it. Stuart was visiting with us to perform at our Michael Bashkin event that evening and Will was passing through on his way to collect an instrument from us to perform at The Global Canopy Partners dinner at the Garden Museum. Here is what we caught on camera, totally unrehearsed and unplanned...enjoy! I must add that this should come with a will want to practice a lot after watching!

For more information on Bashkin Guitars please click here.

Have a wonderful weekend...and get practicing (I know I will haha).


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