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TNAG's Visit to Greenfield Guitars (Part 4): The G1.2

One of the fastest selling guitars in the history of The North American Guitar was a Greenfield G1.2 in African Blackwood and Moon Spruce. We ordered it at the beginning of February 2015  as part of our reserved slots (enabling us to leap up the five year waiting list I believe Michael Greenfield is currently running at), and it sold within 15 minutes of it arriving at the old TNAG showroom in Fulham. I have wanted to order another G1 for some time but as we pre-sell many of our Greenfield build slots with via our bespoke service we don't often get the luxury of bringing in the same or similar spec'd instruments, which is why this entire trip is so special.  

The G1 has always been a personal favourite of mine. As with all of Michael's guitars it is versatile and can take pretty much anything you throw at it, but the G1 has a sensitivity to it that I find mesmerising.  Even with the lightest of touches, this guitar will fill a room. The G1 is best known as the go-to cannon for the likes of guitar aficionado Tony McManus, you may remember last year we brought in an exact replica of his G1.2 in Malaysian Blackwood. 

In Michael's own words "It is an incredibly responsive instrument that lends itself to many different styles of music. Its light touch gives a very focused and open sound with a very snappy bass and choir-esque trebles. While primarily a fingerstyle guitar, it is also superb for light strumming, acoustic jazz and classical repertoires".

Here is one of our favourite videos by Tony McManus on his Greenfield G1.2 multi-scale acoustic guitar.

As I mentioned in part one of this blog series, Michael was kind enough to show me around his Woodnest workshop and run through what can only be described as one of the most outstanding wood collections I have ever seen. For this particular order of Greenfield guitars coming in to The North American Guitar, it is essential we show a wide variety of Michael's work and what each model has the capabilities of doing. After looking at many sets of simply breathtaking wood combinations, we stumbled upon the ideal choice - Cocobolo! 

Part of the 'dalbergia' family, Cocobolo as you may know is as striking to the eye as it is to the ear. It is known for its clean and clear trebles and seductive mid-high harmonics. The perfect fit for a G1.

So here it is, 'incoming' guitar No.3 is a G1 multi-scale acoustic guitar in Cocobolo and Alpine Spruce with a Florentine cutaway and Laskin-inspired arm rest!

Here are the specs:

  • Model G1
  • Novax fanned fret DADGAD scales
  • Florentine cutaway
  • Moon harvested Alpine spruce soundboard
  • 80 year old Cocobolo back
  • 80 year old Cocobolo sides, laminated
  • Radially braced back plate with proprietary Greenfield Tone Halo tm
  • Laskin inspired arm rest
  • Ebony body bindings
  • Fine violin line body purflings
  • Greenfield, proprietary spalted Beech and blue paua rosette
  • Compound 16” – 20” radius, quarter-sawn ebony fingerboard
  • 13/4” nut width
  • 21/4” string spacing at bridge.
  • Honduran Mahogany, carbon graphite reinforced neck
  • “Standard” neck profile
  • Hand carved heel “swoosh”
  • Double veneered peghead.
  • Ebony peghead overlay, w/ “g” logo
  • Custom fit Accord flight case. 

To purchase or for more information on this guitar outstanding G1 DADGAD Cocobolo please click here.

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