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TNAG's Visit to Greenfield Guitars (Part 5): Incoming GF

Being able to see the birth of the guitars you currently have in the Greenfield build queue is something rather special. Not only because Michael rarely lets anyone into his Woodnest workshop, but also because he is like a professor in a laboratory too busy to come up for air. So you can imagine how I feel walking around with Michael's, or should I say the professor's, full attention. 

When spec'ing guitars from across the pond, it is always an exciting process, but seeing the guitar and holding the set of woods before the guitar is finishes is a special moment. Right now, we have three guitars currently being built at Greenfield HQ. Two bespoke builds for TNAG clients and one for the TNAG showroom in London. 

And here she is, about half way through the build. The back and sides are done, back sanded and top ready for bracing, our Greenfield GF in Flamed Mahogany & Alpine spruce. Is it wrong that a part of me wanted to give it a little hug? Best not!

The Body and Back..

We are hoping to see this guitar arriving into the TNAG showroom in around September. For more information on this beautiful GF in Flamed Mahogany & Alpine spruce please click here.

This moment meant the end of my visit to Greenfield Guitars, but to conclude..

Having known and represented Michael Greenfield and Greenfield Guitars for over 6 years I can honestly say he is one of the most inspiring people I have worked with. His meticulous attention to detail and frankly robot like work ethic is something you do not get to see every day. Spending two full days with this man has been a wonderful experience, and I feel I understand the man behind the legendary brand just that little more than I did before. We have toured his work shop at length, gone through each stage of his building process, met his wonderful team, dived into Politics and eaten great food, but most importantly, talked and spec'd guitars! 

Thank you Mr Greenfield for a trip to remember...

For More information on Greenfield Guitars please contact us via email on or call us at the TNAG Showroom on +44 (0) 207 835 5597. 

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