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TV Jones Spectra Sonic Models Shine in The Guitar Magazine Review

When we received our first batch of TV Jones' Spectra Sonic models, Chris Vinnicombe of The Guitar Magazine, a self-confessed Gretsch-lover, was straight on the phone asking to review them.

See, the Spectra Sonic was designed by Tom 'TV' Jones, while he was working for Gretsch, with Brian Setzer in mind, and it was built under the Gretsch banner until 2005. Since then, Tom has taken back the design, and is building them under the TV Jones brand. The same design, exceptional build quality, and Tom's critically acclaimed pickups remain, and we were blown away by these guitars when they arrived here at TNAG HQ.

The Guitar Magazine's review of the Spectra Sonic Supreme awarded the guitar 8/10, lauded for its build quality, playing experience and varied tones. You can read the full review here.

Chris Vinnicombe also took both the Spectra Sonic Supreme and its sibling the Spectra Sonic Standard for a spin in this great video:

Both the Spectra Sonic Standard and Supreme are in stock now, view the full range here.

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