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Welcome Bunting Guitars

There must be something in the water in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Following in the footsteps of the guitar juggernaut that has become of B&G Guitars, we are delighted to welcome Israelʼs Bunting Guitars to The North American Guitar.

Bunting - a two man team comprising Yaniv Loria and Guy Shapira - is a small boutique guitar workshop a stoneʼs throw from the city of Tel-Aviv.

The company's approach to guitar building combines hand made and relic'd bodies with hardware of the highest quality to provide exceptionally well-built, extremely comfortable and very impressive sounding instruments.

Bunting offers four models - Spiro, Melody Queen, Jackal and Alice - all of which take influence from classic offset designs, and we're delighted to have just received our first two guitars from Bunting.

Bunting Melody Queen Electric Guitar, Hipster Green - £2,750

The Melody Queen is an offset guitar that can go from sweet cleans that cut through the mix to explosive fuzzed out bliss. In all cases the Melody Queen reigns supreme!

The Melody Queen features some great hardware: A Mastery offset bridge, which is one of the best on the market. A Duesenberg Tremola tailpiece – this has the perfect style and functionality, and offers some great improvements over its ancestor. Last are the locking Gotoh tuners – an excellent combination of vintage looks with modern benefits.

This version of the Melody Queen features two JM single-coil pickups and an aged Hipster Green finish.

Bunting Spiro Electric Guitar, Vintage Burst - £2,550

Spiro is a slab offset body with P-90 growl. A rock and blues guitar designed to look classic and familiar but with its own original vibe.

Spiro was designed with the 50’s Junior tones in mind. What we feel is missing in modern takes on this design is a lightweight Honduran Mahogany body – it’s just not available today as it was back then. We use Spanish Cedar as our body wood. Spanish Cedar is a relative of Honduran Mahogany and they share a similarity in character as tonewoods. It’s got the right weight and tone as was used in the 50’s.

Spiro has a bolt on neck and wraparound bridge. These features give you more attack, punch and note separation which complement the Spanish Cedar body and P-90 combo.

To find out more about the Bunting Guitars, please get in touch by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or by emailing us here.

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