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Since its founding, The North American Guitar has always set out to represent the very finest luthiers in the world, in a select roster of talent. Like a traditional record label, we help luthiers reach a global audience, increase their awareness and educate the world to their brands with the aim of inspiring customers to choose their guitars. With an incredible roster of guitar builders from around the world, we are incredibly excited to announce the addition of one more...and a Brit at that!

So, it gives me great pleasure to this week announce that The North American Guitar is now officially the exclusive European representative for Tom Sands Guitars. Tom has been a friend of ours for many years and we have been watching him and his work ever since he first started his apprenticeship with luthier master Ervin Somogyi back in 2015.

Since completing his apprenticeship and setting up his own workshop in his hometown of Ripon, North Yorkshire last year, it is fair to say that Tom has not stopped, with a staggering two-year waiting list already. Combining his own stunning build designs with the tradition Somogyi-style body shapes, along with his much talked about copper-infused rosettes, Tom's guitars step outside of the norm for guitar building. Making Tom Sands most definitely one to watch...

Here is Tom at this year's Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin where we caught up with him for a brief chat about his guitars and how the show was going...

For those not familiar with Tom, here's his story:

Tom first paired his love of craft with music when a schoolfriend’s design project set him about co-crafting a bass guitar. He went on to pursue his love for design at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, and after graduating, like many new luthiers joined the bespoke luxury craft industry as a fine furniture maker.

After six years of working in some of UK’s top workshops, Tom found himself increasingly unsatisfied with the disconnect between final product and client. Looking to amend this and find a more rewarding process of making, Tom decided to transfer his craftsmanship into a different commodity. He left his job and built his first ever acoustic guitar in his grandfather’s shop, where he had often spent time as a child learning to fashion things out of wood.

By June 2015, Tom had made contact with renowned luthier Ervin Somogyi, Mr Somogyi was impressed with Tom’s developing portfolios and invited him out to Oakland, California. During a two-week period, he undertook the challenging interview for a position as Somogyi's apprentice, thereafter securing a highly sought-after place on the team. Joining the likes of past apprentices Leo Buendia, Jason Kostal, Michihiro Matsuda, Julian Gaffney...

Tom’s philosophy is a holistic one, he believes truly great guitars are born of great relationships. In a relatively short time, Tom's guitars have earned the acclaim of players, builders and clients alike with meticulously honed designs informed by an equally skilled hand for woodwork, as well a musical ear.

Being our only British luthier, we reached out to a few of our friends and past clients to hear what they thought of Tom's guitars:

Over the years I have been playing the acoustic guitar I have owned instruments from literally dozens of great builders. I have searched for that truly outstanding performance - sensitivity, projection, volume, separation - but failed to find it until I met Tom. His guitars are the equal of ANY guitars currently being built. They are exceptionally beautiful, they sound amazing, they have great playability too..." AG

"Tom Sands is a young luthier on a rocket ride trajectory heading up. He is on the 'good to great to world class' journey, but missed out on 'good', launched himself straight into 'great' and no doubt will be hitting 'world class' before you can blink. It’s hard to believe that my guitar is only Tom’s ninth instrument, such is the quality of tone, aesthetic and workmanship – so hard to believe that I have commissioned another just to make sure. His new designs are sophisticated, classic yet new, and indeed classy. And they have a notable timbre, resonance and sustain, combined with just plain old playability..." PS

"I first encountered Tom’s instruments a couple of years ago when a pal of mine brought two of them to my annual summer guitar bash. We were all knocked out by them, so much so that Tom’s order book, as a Somogyi apprentice, rapidly filled up. Cue forward one year and Tom delivers to me personally an OM he had made during his time with Ervin. I had been forewarned of Tom’s liking for good scotch, so I made sure I had something suitable to hand. Both the scotch and the guitar were amazing, as is the man himself. Since then, I have played a number of Tom’s instruments and what is really striking is his uncanny ability to really nail things in the tone department; his workmanship is also of the highest quality. We’ve set aside a set of rare tonewood for a special project next year, which itself is a telling testament to my regard and respect for Tom’s talents..." IB

Tom has recently teamed up with our very own Will McNicol as an endorsing artist and is currently planning a trip to the Vancouver Guitar Festival where he will be exhibiting his new L shape, and hand delivering a guitar alongside a house concert played by Will himself.

Will McNicol - Nightwatchman from Tom Sands on Vimeo.

Originally The North American Guitar had two build slots reserved to begin in 2019, one of which has just sold and one is currently still available. Please see below:

Tom Sands Bespoke Build Slot for 2019
Secure today with a 35% deposit of £2,604 inc. VAT
(Based on the starting price of £7,440 inc. VAT for a Tom Sands guitar)
Find Out More Here

For more information on Tom Sands Guitars and for future orders please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call +44 (0) 207 835 5597.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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