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Why You Need a Rick Turner Model 1 in your life!

The Rick Turner Model 1 is a modern classic, a unique and iconic instrument that offers the player a huge palette of rich, sophisticated tones to work with.

A recent family shot, that was a good day!

Rather than being an amalgam of existing electric guitar design features and tropes, the Model 1 opens up a new world of sonic possibilities. And it looks damn good doing it...

A beautiful, subtle sunburst

Let's have a look at the playing experience. First of all the guitar feels amazing. Well balanced and comfortable either seated or standing. The 24.75" scale length coupled with the 12' radius of the fretboard make for an easy-playing and fast-feeling neck in either Maple of Mahogany while the gentle cutaway body design allows full access to every one of the 24 frets on the board!

Amazing figured Koa!

Now let's take a look at the electronics, the centrepiece of which is the amazing splittable active humbucker. This elegant unit is actually can actually rotate, giving you a huge amount of control over your source tone! Coupled with a piezo bridge pickup and/or the quasi-parametric EQ and boost circuit you have even more potential to fine tune your sound.

Satin finished Mahogany with the EQ/Boost option

And of course, you could always go full Fleetwood Mac with the LBU model!

The full spec Buckingham!

Click here to view all of our Rick Turner Guitars. These amazing guitars need to be experienced firsthand! To book an appointment please get in touch at

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