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Why You Need an L-00 / Nick Lucas in your life!

There is something truly wonderful about Gibson's early C20th small-body guitars. The best part of 100 years later these original designs have been fine-tuned (no pun intended) and developed and there is now a wealth of choice when it comes to these super-versatile and responsive instruments.

Join me for a look at the history and development of this wonderful design!

You could go fully traditional with this stunning Fairbanks F20 NL S (The "S" denoting the subtle gold sparkle purfling...)


Or how about a contemporary take with a 13-fret neck and dreadnought depth like this Scott Walker NL13?


The Presentation series Bourgeois LDBO (the only one in the world in Ziricote) ramps up the visuals, coupled with amazing tone and responsiveness.


And Lame Horse Guitars' superb LH14 model brings "a sound as big as Texas" along with a fully adjustable neck design!


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