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Why You Need an OM Guitar in Your Life!

The OM - the most versatile acoustic guitar shape of them all?

Suitable for both fingerstyle and plectrum work, the OM guitar is favoured by some of the world's most popular guitarists, including Eric Clapton and John Mayer among many more.

In the video below, Michael Watts talks about why you need an OM guitar in your life:

We have a wonderful selection of OM guitars in stock in our London showroom, including:

Bourgeois Vintage OM - £3,750

Froggy Bottom H14 Deluxe - £6,000

Kostal OMC (pre-owned) - £11,000

For more information on these OMs, or any of our other guitars, get in contact via phone on 0207 835 5597 or email

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