Winter NAMM Show 2020 Review : Part 2

In this second part of our look back at our trip to sunny California for the Winter NAMM Show, we catch up with another host of our wonderful luthiers and talk through some truly staggering instruments.

Once again, the diversity and presentation of our builders made for great conversation, with a deep dive into the hugely varied styles and nuances of each unique build.

From fresh iterations of the guitars we love through to brand new models and inspiring tangents, the show has left us with an almost overwhelming sense of excitement for the coming year and all of the sensational builds we have in store!

Turnstone Guitars

It was a real joy to catch up with one of the last years most exciting additions to the TNAG roster, Rosie Heydenrych aka Turnstone Guitars. She brought with her a gorgeous pair of brand new acoustic builds that absolutely blew us away.

This year was Rosie's second NAMM Show, and saw a beautiful new TS Model in English Grown Western Red Cedar and 5,000 year old Black Oak, featuring a soundport and scoop cutaway for superb access.

The second model Rosie talks us through is a TM Model in Alpine Spruce and Mahogany, and is the first of her fine instruments we've seen to sport a Florentine cutaway, making its debut at the show and receiving a stellar response!

Baranik Guitars

Continuing through the Boutique Guitar Showcase, we came to the eye catching new offerings from legendary Californian luthier Mike Baranik.

Prior to the show, we've always associated Baranik Guitars with high-end unique and characterful acoustic instruments, but this year Mike came to the show with an entirely new agenda and a jaw-dropping trio of all-new fully realised electric guitars.

With a handful of teasers and sneak previews, we knew these instruments were going to be special, but in seeing them in the flesh we knew we had to bring some in and cannot wait to share them with you!

Teuffel Guitars

Situated just next to BGS was a captivating and entirely unique booth, celebrating the conceptual collaboration of three extraordinary individuals. 'The Red Collection' saw specially made pieces from Ulrich Teuffel, Michael Spalt and Ergon Guitars, all unified by the theme and colour red.

In this interview with Ulrich Teuffel we take a closer look at the one-of-a-kind pieces so fetchingly displayed, a set of 'siblings' in a Birdfish and Niwa sharing the same, outrageously figured and stained Maple in their construction, as well as the lovely Ebony aspects of each build.

As always with Ulri, the guitars feature innovative design and techniques across its entirety, part of the ever evolving process of his sensational work. Who better to go into detail than the man himself!

Iris Guitar Company

We've had an amazing experience working with Iris guitars after first meeting at the the Summer NAMM Show of 2019, and catching up with Dale Fairbanks and Adam Buchwald and talking all things new and incoming from Iris was a real treat.

The idea of American Made, vintage inspired instruments at an affordable price point, made by some of the finest luthiers in the style is in of itself a remarkable concept. To have pulled it off in the way Iris have is above and beyond, and for the show they decided to take it all a step further with the announcement of two new models!

Firstly, a J-185 inspired Small Jumbo heavily influenced by Dale's exquisite work, in a gorgeous Figured Maple and Sitka Spruce. Following suit in the vintage workhorse styling, we see an inspiring take on the classic J-35 silhouette.

Spalt Instruments

Revisiting the Gallery-esque majesty of the 'Red Collection', we had the chance to talk through the eternally nuanced and unmistakable work of the one and only Michael Spalt.

With each instrument built for the show and a wide range of variation from the new Totem-X line through to full-blown installation piece, there was a lot to talk about in this creatively explosive area of the show.

As always it was an enriching experience to take the time and delve into everything that goes into one of these extraordinary guitars. 

Skytop Guitars

Skytop guitars have been some of the most provocative instruments to grace the walls of our showroom, constantly drawing in interest and hugely enjoyable reactions from everyone we've seen pick one up for the first time.

This year Eric brought out two guitars for the show, and both were absolutely jaw dropping examples of what he is capable of and sported some unbelievable sets of rare and storied timbers. The range on display, in line with the iconic stylings made for an interesting conversation about these instruments and our history with them.

We always love seeing what Eric is working on and cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for Skytop Guitars and TNAG!

For more information on any of the builders or instruments in question, please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or via email at



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