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Circa Guitars


We are extremely excited to welcome Circa Guitars to our roster of acoustic luthiers. John Slobod, aka Circa Guitars has been building guitars for nearly 25 years, and has built up an incredible reputation.

Luthier John Slobod began his career in 1993 at the Timeless Instruments guitar building intensive in Moosejaw, Canada. When John left Timeless, he went to work for Dana Bourgeois at Pantheon Guitars in Lewiston, Maine. At Pantheon, he hand carved many necks, voiced hundreds of tops, and did the binding work and final voicing on almost 4000 guitars. John left Bourgeois to work with Julius Borges and Eric Schoenberg in 1998. He also began his own line of vintage inspired instruments using traditional materials and construction methods under the name Circa Guitars.

John has collaborated with many top players to help them better express their art through the guitar. Some of the artists he's worked with include Tony McManus, Al Petteway, Steve Baughman, Stephen Bennett, Evan Hirschelman, Paul Asbell, Mark Cosgrove, Amy White, Bryan Clark, Ed Dodson, and Seth Austin.



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