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Ervin Somogyi

Ervin Somogyi is widely regarded as the Godfather of Modern Lutherie, and his guitars are seen as some of the very best ever made.

Born in Hungary in 1944, Ervin moved to the US at the age of fifteen and, while he has lived in a number of other countries across the continents over the years, is now based in Oakland, California, USA.

We've spoken about Ervin Somogyi endlessly on these pages, mainly because of the number of Ervin's apprentices who have gone on to develop their own brands and join our roster here at The North American Guitar, such as Jason Kostal, Julian Gaffney, Tom Sands and Michihiro Matsuda to name a few.

2019, however, marks the first year in which we have represented the work of the man himself, and we are delighted to be able to offer his esteemed instruments to our community of guitar enthusiasts.

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