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Since the birth of The North American Guitar I have been looking for a luthier who really understands the minutiae of turn of the century Gibson guitars. That man, perhaps more than any other, is Dale Fairbanks of Windsor Connecticut. 

Dale specialises in painstakingly crafted replicas of Gibson, Larson Brothers, Oscar Schmidt models drawing upon his years of experience as a specialist repairman. 

A Fairbanks guitar feels like an instrument that is already the best part of 100 years old. His guitars are extremely light, resonant and his finish work is superb. He sprays some of the most elegant sunbursts out there. 

We are proud to represent Fairbanks guitars and I can't wait to share Dale's work with you. 

For more information check out this "Talking guitar" interview with Dale where he talks about his love of ancient Gibsons, his model line and the quest for the perfect sunburst!

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