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Based out in northeast Ohio, Ryan Gerber has been building phenomenal steel-string guitars professionally since 2012. What began as a hobby to take up his spare time, quickly became an obsession from which he could not pull myself away. Slaving away in his basement workshops, giving as much time a physically possible to the craft of building guitars, all the while doing his best to to fulfil his goal of make each and every guitar better than the last.

In his own words, "Luthiery is a lifetime of learning, and I am grateful to be on that journey. It is a worthy goal, a great challenge, and brings incredible fulfilment".

Ryan's aim as a luthier is and always has been, to making something that is visually appealing and interesting but with a signature tone that can instantly be recognised by his instruments.

His guitars are elegant with subtle and sophisticated lines that will appeal to the more traditional collector or player.

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