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Iris Guitar Company

Vermont, USA-based Iris Guitar Company started life as a division of Circle Strings, and was born out of a longing to provide working musicians with high quality, luthier-built acoustic guitars at a price point that they could afford.

After years of building his own guitars at the $4,000+ price point, Adam set to work to hone the art of building with new technology and manufacturing techniques in order to maintain exceptionally high build quality but bring the price down for the buyer, and the result was Iris Guitar Company.

In 2019, Adam expanded Iris by collaborating with renowned vintage guitar restorer, sensational master builder and TNAG luthier Dale Fairbanks. We first played an Iris earlier in 2019 and are delighted to have received our first batch of guitars from this sensational duo.

Read the Acoustic Guitar Magazine review of the Iris OG Standard model here.

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