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Macmull Guitars

We are delighted to welcome Jerusalem, Israel-based luthier Macmull Custom Guitars to our roster of electric luthiers.

Macmull Custom Guitars is the result of three very passionate individuals joining forces to push the envelope on what’s possible in the realms of recreating the tone and feel of vintage guitars, with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the craft that sets them apart from their contemporaries.

This wonderful trio is made up of Tal Macmull, a master luthier who has been involved in building high end custom electric and acoustic guitars for over 15 years, Amit Sadras, producer/engineer and guitar player and lastly Sharon Levi, professional guitar player and the face of their product demos and outreach. 

This collaboration came to a head in 2015 as the trio took a year long hiatus in which they studied and experimented with a host of vintage guitars and build methods in lieu of finding out what made the old guitars that they really connected with tick. Through this year of intense research and collaboration they found their way developing what is now known as their RVT System (Real Vintage Tone). 

This system works to ensure that the guitars consistently adhere to their very high standards in sound and playability, and is essential given the way the team put the guitars together. All of the bodies and necks for Macmull guitars are individually built and then paired up based on their resonant frequencies and of course finished in vintage correct nitrocellulose lacquer.

The body woods, either swamp ash or alder, are old and kiln-dried and selected for their weight. This brings us to a crucial part of the Macmull ethos, which is that lighter wood sounds better and delivers more of the dry, vintage tone and makes for an exceptionally responsive and lively instrument. It’s by this token that Macmull’s pricing brackets are also their weight brackets; the lighter the guitar, the more its going to cost and the better it’s going to feel and sound. 

The final touch, and testament to the sheer dedication and hard work of the team, is the pickups. Each guitar features a set of hand wound pickups made and voiced specifically for each guitar and its particular resonance, of course based on the sound one would expect to find in that particular instrument with a particular blend of alnico magnets particular to each. 



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