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Nik Huber Guitars

Nik Huber, founder and owner of Nik Huber Guitars, carries on family tradition that has been running for more than 100 years. In 1896, a heritage of woodworking expertise was born to proud parent Nikolaus Huber in a small village in Southern Bavaria. Today Nikolaus Huber IV carries that expertise forward in the form of exquisite guitars.

As a kid, Nik’s father built him a guitar, because he wasnʻt happy with the quality of the first one heʻd bought for him. After finishing school, Nik learned cabinet making, with the aim of becoming an architect and the cabinet making apprenticeship served as a good base for the studies of architecture. During this time, he found out about a guitar making school, Formentera Guitars in Spain, where Nik would study and eventually teach. The passion for guitar building was well and truly set in motion and in 1996, Nik started Nik Huber Guitars.

We are extremely honoured to be representing Nik's work here at The North American Guitar.

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