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Pellerin Guitars

We are delighted to represent acoustic luthier Michel Pellerin, of Pellerin Guitars.

Having been building guitars for over 20 years, Michel Pellerin is a master of what he does. Pellerin Guitars encapsulate rich textural tones, subtle nuances, not to mention the stunning, mind-blowing aesthetics.

Michel Pellerin's lutherie journey began aged 17 when at college studying jazz and classical music and being part of a guitar ensemble class. This experience uncovered the vast range of sounds, levels, volume and tone of guitars to Michel and sparked an interest. At the time he owned an all plywood guitar, which he knew wasn't sonically the most impressive instrument. Following this discovery, the year after he applied to the Quebec National School of Lutherie with the intention of just building two nice guitars for himself, not realising this would become a full time career.

The goal of Pellerin Guitars is to create a well balanced and rounded instrument. Defined bass notes, an even midrange, yet with sparkling trebles. Of course this can be adapted depending on the desire of the individual musician - but this is a necessity of a versatile instrument which Michel incorporates and notes the importance of.

In 2011 Michel Pellerin took Ervin Somogyi's voicing class, which he believes greatly improved the tone of his instruments. Through learning techniques when refining the bracing, reducing energy loss, voicing tops and tuning backs to a specific note, he's able to manipulate the sonic qualities to his desired outcome.

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