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Red Rocket Guitars

Red Rocket makes totally custom guitars, one at a time, to your exact specs with the best materials and components. Private Reserve level woods, vintage tone caps and custom wound pickups, custom binding and purflings are just the start. They mix vintage vibe with the best contemporary guitar building techniques to create modern classics with roots in the golden age of guitars.

Red Rocket will make you the guitar you want, with the look, feel and sound you have been looking for, using the best available materials and parts from the USA. It begins with hand-picked lumber, your choice of custom made purflings and binding, the best pickups, custom wound to your specs, custom finishes and colours, and your perfect neck. These guitars are made and finished by a person, not mass machine-moulded, so every fret is dressed and polished to a mirror shine and the neck feels smooth and fast and is made to be played.

The Red Rocket Guitars we stock have been spec'd by us at The North American Guitar. If you would like to discuss spec'ing your own Red Rocket, please do get in touch!


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