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Jens Ritter Instruments

Jens Ritter Instruments

German luthier Jens Ritter is without a doubt one of the most iconic guitar builders in the world. He has built guitars for legendary artists such as Prince, George Benson, Mary J. Blige, Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh, musicians of Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Van Halen, Jamiroquai and many, many more. He has also been asked by leading museums all over the world to exhibit his work and is held in high regard by the music industry as an icon and one of the world’s most influential designers of the electric guitar.

Jens lives in Deidesheim, Germany, the beautiful winemaker-town at the border of the Palatine Forest (South-Western Germany) – only minutes away from the Rhine River, were he produces around 70 - 80 instruments a year!

Jen Ritter Instruments fuses passion for modern day lutherie with contemporary art to create a stunning range of phenomenal instruments.

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