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Spohn Guitars

We are so pleased to be welcoming Spohn guitar to the TNAG Acoustic Roster. Max Spohn builds gorgeous, responsive instruments out of his shop in Heidenheim, Germany.

Max Spohn learned the basics of guitar making from Thomas Ochs near Bamberg, Germany. He refined this knowledge during his studies of Lutherie at Westsächsische Hochschule Markneukirchen. Following this, Max has made an incredible name for himself with Spohn guitars being widely recognised and regarded in the industry. Each Spohn Guitar is mindfully crafted to produce a dynamic, balanced and ergonomic instrument. Not to mention that Max's knowledge of design and eye for detail makes each instrument an aesthetic masterpiece.

"A guitar should feel like a natural extension of the body and at the same time present itself as art."- Max Spohn


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