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Ulrich Teuffel is a true visionary of the luthier scene whose guitars consistently push the boundaries of what is possible in the instrument. 

Bursting upon the guitar scene in 1995 with his iconoclastic Birdfish model, Teuffel’s name has become synonymous with superb musical instruments that challenge the player to re-think their approach to the guitar while giving them the very best in tone and playability. Players and composers such as Kirk Hammett, Hans Zimmer, Dusty Hill and David Torn have all used Teuffel guitars to great effect.

Playing a Teuffel guitar for the first time is an intense and exhilarating experience. They ring and vibrate like no other electric instrument and the spectrum of wonderful and inspiring sounds available to the player is astonishing. The whole thing is unique. As Uli himself says:

"Every good luthier knows with which construction and material a certain sound is obtained. The artistry lies in giving the instrument a very distinct appearance or effect along with the sound. I see my instruments as absolute. This means that every instrument has a certain symbolic meaning and function in the Pop-complex. One can compare this to the clothing that we wear. We select clothing according to function, e.g. job, sport, winter clothing, etc., as well as according to an expression of fashion with which we then distinguish ourselves. So will one, as a musician, decide which statement he wants to achieve with his choice of instrument.

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The Birdfish is Ulrich Teuffe's flag ship design. A stunning meeting of two hand-cast metal sculptures joined by exotic wood tone bars and a sound and playing experience that is uniquely beautiful.

Ulrich's notes

In the Spring of 1995 I presented the birdfish for the first time at the Frankfurt MusikMesse. Mil Garofalo from Luxemburg was the first person to purchase a birdfish back then. Since then this guitar has become widely recognized. It has appeared in many books and has become a part of many private guitar collections. The British magazine "Guitarist" picked it as one of the most important guitars of the 20th century. The birdfish has won three design awards and is on display in several museums. It is played by musicians such as David Torn, Henry Kaiser, Hans Zimmer, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Page Hamilton, Kirk Hammett, Amir Derakh and many others.

Standard specifications
Mahogany (Asymmetrically V-shaped)
Tone bars
Flamed Maple
Additional tone bars
Position Markers
Scale length
Wagner stainless steel frets (Size 6150)
Teuffel two-way titanium

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