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Wide Sky Guitars


Patch Rubin aka Wide Sky Guitars, hand-makes acoustic and electric guitars from his workshop out in Taos, New Mexico. Patch has now been building guitars for 10 years and prior to that had experience playing in a reggae band, making jewellery, welding, building djembe drums and various carpentry jobs. 

After finding work with a custom furniture builder and having access to a fully equipped workshop, Patch made his first acoustic guitar which was highly complimented by David Lindley. His second guitar was entered into the Toas Fall Arts Festival and won first prize. This gave him the confidence to continue in lutherie and that's where it all began. 

Each Wide Sky instrument is deemed an outlet for another's artistic voice and is a project taken very seriously. Patch Rubin ensures to use responsibly harvested materials, meticulously made and mindfully tap-tested at every stage to ensure each piece of wood reaches its full potential. These materials are then formed into a instrument prioritising tonality, individuality and comfort, creating truly very special guitars. 

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