About TNAG

We are a small, family-run business based in London, UK. Get to know the TNAG team below:

Robert Montague - CEO

The North American Guitar was founded by entrepreneur and keen blues guitarist Robert Montague CBE in 2010. Having experienced first-hand the pleasure of owning a bespoke instrument he decided to start a new company to bring the work of the guitar builders of this new Golden Age to wider attention. Before this there was nobody in the UK with the experience and expertise to offer a true bespoke service for discerning players. The North American Guitar was born!

Ben Montague - Managing Director 

Co-owner and company Director Ben Montague has been a vital part of The North American Guitar's growth since it was just an idea over coffee with his father in early 2010. An estabished singer-songwriter and touring musician in his own right, Ben's love of bespoke guitars has led to him using the work of several prominent luthiers in front of audiences of thousands.  

With accolades from BBC Radio 2 including Album (Tales of Flying and Falling) and Single Of The Week (Haunted) and high-profile tours with some of the biggest names in the UK music scene.

Richard Poll - Digital Marketing Manager

Richard is a trained rock and pop acoustic and electric guitarist, reading music at the University of Chichester and working as a professional musician and guitar tutor before developing a digital marketing career in the professional audio and musical instrument industries which resulted in the global coordination of brand marketing for Chinese microphone manufacturer sE Electronics and British pro audio brands MunroSonic and Aston Microphones.

Richard's passion for all things guitar means he fits right into the TNAG team. You'll find him on our social media channels, most likely gushing over our finest OM acoustic guitars.

Nick Wigdahl - Non-Executive Director

Nick Wigdahl is a non executive director at TNAG. He works as an independent consultant. Previously he was investment director at Egla Invest, a family office, and the COO of Axis InterModal, a transport equipment leasing company. He has an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The only non-guitar playing member of TNAG, he does play the clarinet, to the dismay of his family.

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