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Every edition is an exploration of luxury from the worlds of bespoke guitars, luthier-built steel-string instruments, and vintage rarities. Curated by aficionados, told by players, read by connoisseurs.

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Volume 01, Edition 05

Our fifth edition is now available across all major apps stores by downloading the TNAG Connoisseur application. In this issue, we talk to Slash about his extensive guitar collection, as well as share stories of how recording in Nashville for the first time may have set him on a new musical path.

We also speak to Marty Stuart, Mike Dawes, James Burton, and Joel Savoy, plus hear stories from Rene Martinez from his time with John Mayer. 

We review guitars from G.R. Bear and Vuorensaku, as well as vintage Martin and Fenders. There’s also the regular features from Meet Your Maker in which we talk to renowned luthier Linda Manzer, Tonewood Tours dives into Cedar, and Julian Lage and Lawrence Juber serve up their columns. 

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We speak with the guitar legend about his extensive guitar collection--which includes far, far more than just Les Pauls--as well as sharing stories of how recording in Nashville for the first time may have set him on a new musical path.

Meet Your Maker: Linda Manzer

In this issue's Meet Your Maker, we find ourselves in the workshop of one of the most renowned luthiers alive. Having built guitars for the likes of Pat Metheny, Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, and more, Linda Manzer sits steadily atop the tree of legendary makers.

Marty Stuart

While he's too gracious to admit it himself, the Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and musician is living breathing, country music history. In this interview, Marty discusses the "greatest Telecaster ever".

Mike Dawes

Connoisseur catches up with acoustic extraodinaire Mike Dawes as he takes a quick break in a relentless touring schedule.

James Burton

We talk to Elvis' right hand man and possibly the greatest Tele player to walk the earth about his historic career spanning six decades, as well as the gear he's used throughout.


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