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Every edition is an exploration of luxury from the worlds of bespoke guitars, luthier-built steel-string instruments, and vintage rarities. Curated by aficionados, told by players, read by connoisseurs.

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Kiefer Sutherland

Volume 01, Edition 03

Our third edition is now available across all major apps stores by downloading the TNAG Connoisseur application. In this issue, we’re discussing guitar collection with Kiefer Sutherland and guitar making with Ervin Somogyi.

In this issue, we talk to the inimitable Kiefer Sutherland about his new album Bloor Street as well as being a ‘reformed’ guitar collector. We’ve also got interviews with Pat Metheny, Steve Van Zandt, Martin Taylor, Celisse, Mary Gauthier, and Steve Wariner.

One not to miss this issue is the big read with luthier extraordinaire Ervin Somogyi. Ervin tells his life story in his own words—it’s an exceptional recounting of his life as he worked to become the most important guitar maker alive. 

Editor’s Picks

Kiefer Sutherland

"What I really love about collecting guitars is that every guitar makes you play differently. They have a smell, a sense, and a feel that is going to make you want to play a specific song or in a specific style."

Celisse Henderson

"I love Sister Rosetta Tharpe; she’s the reason we're all here, and I am very determined to continue to say it loudly and proudly until I have no more air in my lungs."

Ervin Somogyi

In this issue, we have a very special Meet Your Maker feature. Ervin Somogyi tells his life story, in his own words. Never before has Ervin opened up like this, but in this interview he does so in great detail. Don't miss it.

"I grew up in a world in which there was not enough beauty. There still isn’t. And the ugliness is increasing. I want to add a bit of beauty, not take any away."

Steve Van Zandt

"Since I came back to the band, I'm just sort of the guy fooling around with Bruce and entertaining the audience. I’m the best friend—that’s the job."

Pat Metheny

"At the core of everything, in a big way, is the 175 thing. That is the cornerstone of the foundation of everything else that I have ever done and continue to do."

Martin Taylor

"I don’t think we can ever underestimate the power of music. I think it would be an interesting experiment for a week to have no music at all, from any source, and see how people got on with it."

Steve Wariner

“For acoustic guitars I borrowed my son Ryan’s Martin D-18. I have a lot of beautiful acoustic guitars — some nice old Martins, a 1967 D-35, a Guild, a Larrivee, a Hummingbird, a J-160, and a couple of classical guitars. But that D-18 is just spectacular and it was speaking to me."

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