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Every edition is an exploration of luxury from the worlds of bespoke guitars, luthier-built steel-string instruments, and vintage rarities. Curated by aficionados, told by players, read by connoisseurs.

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Tommy Emmanuel & Rick Nielsen

Volume 01, Edition 02

Our second edition is now available across all major apps stores by downloading the TNAG Connoisseur application. In this issue, we’re discussing guitar collections with two legends: Tommy Emmanuel and Rick Nielsen. 

We also interview the original Bluesbreaker John Mayall, the new virtuoso on the block Patrick Droney, hero of avant garde guitar Nels Cline, Gibson poster boy Jared James Nichols, Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik, and the inimitable Billy Strings. Guitar-wise we’re looking at Skytop’s GA, Ervin Somogyi’s Mod D, a 1940 Golden Era Martin, as well as a collection of Macmulls. 

Editor’s Picks

Rick Nielsen

Connoisseur catches up with Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee and one of the world’s most notable guitar collectors, Rick Nielsen, as he recounts selling guitars to Jeff Beck and Paul McCartney, why budding collectors should be aware that all things vintage weren’t made equal, and the guitars that got away in his 50+ years as a serious guitar connoisseur. 

Tommy Emmanuel

There’s no guitarist on the planet who doesn’t feel the impact of their jaw dropping when listening, watching, or even thinking about the CGP himself, Tommy Emmanuel. Connoisseur speaks with the fingerstyle legend about what he’s keeping busy with in Music City... 

Patrick Droney

The hotly anticipated debut album State of the Heart from Nashville-based virtuoso, Patrick Droney, is a sensation. Skilful guitar lines, poignant lyrics, and masterful production fuse to make Patrick Droney a triple threat tipped for stardom. Connoisseur spoke to Patrick on release week from his rehearsal room in Music City…  

Billy Strings

The Grammy-winning, modern bluegrass poster boy takes a load off on his tour bus to talk to Connoisseur about style and technique, learning young, and of course his beloved Preston Thompson guitars... 

John Mayall

A musician who has seen the great and the good of the electric guitar world pass through his band, John Mayall is one of the last true veterans of the blues. Here we revisit Mayall’s particularly fertile mid-Sixties period, when he worked with the world’s most creative guitarists. Join us as we head back to Swinging London...

Behind The Hits: John Rzeznik

Connoisseur goes behind the Goo Goo Doll’s biggest hits including ‘Name’, ‘Slide’, ‘Black Balloon’, ‘Here Is Gone’, ‘Sympathy’, and, of course, ‘Iris’, with their frontman, John Rzeznik.

Jared James Nichols

Jared James Nichols has fast become one to watch in the world of modern blues rock. From winning Gibson’s Les Paul Tribute Contest in Los Angeles in 2010 to becoming the first artist to have an Epiphone signature model before a Gibson signature, it’s clear that Jared is going places...  

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