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Every edition is an exploration of luxury from the worlds of bespoke guitars, luthier-built steel-string instruments, and vintage rarities. Curated by aficionados, told by players, read by connoisseurs.

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In conversation with Joe Bonamassa

Volume 01, Edition 01

For its launch, TNAG Connoisseur has exclusive interviews with Joe Bonamassa, Vince Gill, Jason Isbell, Hank Marvin, Carlene Carter, Larkin Poe, and Molly Tuttle.

We take a look at the latest guitars from McPherson, Santa Cruz, Nik Huber, Buendia, Kraut, and Tom Sands. There are columns from Julian Lage and Laurence Juber and conversations with Jimmy Webb, Waddy Wachtel, Richard Hoover, Jason Kostal, and Rene Martinez. Guns N Roses’ axeman Richard Fortus reviews a new arrival from Echopark Guitars, famed music photographer Danny Clinch reveals his favorite shots and there’s features from the worlds of supercars, watches, and travel.

Editor’s Picks

Joe Bonamassa

“One of the things about old guitars and amps, is that they have to be the driver. If the kind of music you play doesn’t dictate those tones, then you can seek different types of instruments that won’t cost as much as a freakin’ house.”

Jason Isbell

“I spotted the ’Burst on a stand amid the throng and picked it up for a strum. Even unplugged, it was so resonant. I was obsessed with it. I knew it was ridiculous but I made the mistake of playing it in the store, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t sleep that night!”

Carlene Carter

“My grandmother [Maybelle Carter] would tell me ‘You’ve got to keep the music alive’…”

Vince Gill

“Guitars mean something to me. I have fifty or sixty prewar Martin guitars, and they all sound great and play great. All the different body sizes have a different thing they do.”

Songwriter’s Circle: Jimmy Webb

“I've got an Ovation of Glen’s called the Bluebird. It was always my favorite when I saw him onstage... If somebody wants to play it, I encourage them, because guitars need to be played. Glen’s family got that one for me, and I will always cherish it.”

Meet your maker: Richard Hoover

“It’s never just going to be business for us. It’s about our values. About making the most perfect guitar for an individual. A true custom shop. This is what’s in my DNA.”


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