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Steve Vai

Volume 01, Edition 06

Our sixth edition is now available across all major apps stores by downloading the TNAG Connoisseur application. In this issue, we talk to unstoppable virtuoso Steve Vai about his latest album Inviolate, as well as signature guitars, tone, and technique. 

We also caught up with David Mathis of Gallagher Guitars, Richie Kotzen, Andy Timmons, Dave Weiner, Bob Wooton, Mario Beauregard, and more.

We review guitars like the iconic Ibanez JEM and Martin 000s across several decades. There are also the regular features, from Meet Your Maker in which we talk to renowned luthier Bryan Galloup, Tonewood Tours where we delve into alternative woods, and columns from Julian Lage and Laurence Juber.

Editor’s Picks

Steve Vai

From his start as Frank Zappa's "stunt guitarist" at 20 to his time spent rocking alongside David Lee Roth and Whitesnake, from groundbreaking solo instrumental excursions to a fruitful partnership with Ibanez that resulted in the iconic JEM guitar and his innovative 7-string Universe, Vai has continued to push his craft far beyond what any sensible person would consider the outer limits of artistry and achievement.

Meet Your Maker: Bryan Galloup

In this issue's Meet Your Maker, we venture up to Big Rapids, Michigan to connect with renowned builder and famed educator, Bryan Galloup. Over his long and legendary career, he's been developing a science for defining and cataloging the tonal properties of myriad woods used in the process. The result of that effort is a formula for crafting consistently great-sounding guitars that he's sharing with fellow builders everywhere.

Andy Timmons

"Prolific" is an understatement when it comes to Andy Timmons, whose resume spans several decades, genres, and roles, from solo artist to sideman to musical director. We caught up with him shortly after the release of his latest album, Electric Truth.

Richie Kotzen

Richie Kotzen talks to Connoisseur about his latest project with Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith, Smith/Kotzen, and looks back on his epic discography of solo projects, collaborations, and stints with Poison and Mr. Big.

Dave Weiner

While his two-decade tenure with Steve Vai may be what makes Dave Weiner’s name most recognizable to many fans, it’s only a part of the guitarist’s prolific career. The hard-working touring guitarist talks about gear, technique, and his latest projects. 


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