'Daughters (Live)' Slide Parts With Robbie McIntosh | Techniques by The North American Guitar

Welcome to our first guitar course with the legendary Robbie McIntosh. This time, Robbie steps away from the blues to explain how he came up with the lead guitar part on arguably one of his most listened to performances. 

2007 saw the release of John Mayer's popular 'Where The Light Is' live album which consisted of acoustic, blues trio and full band sets. Within the acoustic section of the show, Robbie accompanied John Mayer on his Grammy award-winning song Daughters, playing a slide guitar part on his Fine Resophonic Dobro. 

This fifth lesson in the course features a video tutorial of Robbie explaining the parts he played on this acclaimed performance. Robbie filmed this lesson playing on his own Fine Resophonic Dobro.



So there you have it, the fifth part of Robbie's new course! How did you get on?

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