The Academy by The North American Guitar Nashville

We are proud offer lessons at our Nashville showroom with skilled and seasoned guitarist Liz Lawrence.

Liz has been playing for over 20 years, and is known as a strong and dependable touring, sub, and session musician. Liz has toured worldwide, and opened for artists including The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Kool and the Gang, George Benson, Zucchero, Patricia Kaas, Christine and the Queens, Richard Hogsdon (Supertramp), Lynyrd Skynyrd and Martina McBride.

She is the founder and owner of Root Note Studio, a highly regarded music lessons studio, with locations in Lowell, MA and Nashville, TN. Through her work building and managing her teaching business, she has made her dedication to exemplary, accessible music instruction and the institution of community music abundantly clear.

Currently based out of Nashville, TN, Liz spends her time writing and working on guitar curriculums and teaching strategies. She is sought out as an in-demand private guitar instructor (in person and via Skype) with a worldwide student base, and works as a side musician for hire.


As a student with Liz, you will come to understand that music is a language. You will become equipped with the tools and resources required in order to speak and understand that language, fluently. 

All skill levels and all ages are welcome. 

Lessons are presented in ways that are uniquely simple and elegant. Offered within this approach is a wholly encompassing system of guitar pedagogy; combining ear training, deep understanding of harmonic and rhythmic structure, knowledge of the instrument, simple presentations, and adaptations to the individual student's needs and interests. The current curriculum frames musical concepts in areas of mathematics, cognitive science, philosophy, and physics.


Current Rates (in our showroom or via Skype) 

30min Introductory Lesson- $25

60min Introductory Lesson- $50


30min weekly lessons- $35/wk ($140 for a block of 4 lessons)

60min weekly lessons- $60/wk ($240 for a block of 4 lessons)