The Team

Kim Sherman- Managing Partner

Kim has been playing guitar since she was 13 and writing songs since she was 16. She grew up on a western Kentucky farm and came to Nashville to be a songwriter. She studied guitar, English Literature, and history at Belmont University, graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English and History. After working for some time in the music and book industries, Kim found herself ‘on the other side of the counter’ at Cotten Music where she had years to work on moving from full introvert to partial extrovert. Co-owner of the shop for the past twenty-three years, and now Managing Partner at The North American Guitar Nashville, Kim loves her work of matching her customers with instruments that suit them best.

When she’s not at the shop, you will most likely find Kim traipsing about Nashville with her Leica in hand. Her favorite subjects include the people of the city going about their daily lives, and the changing face of the city itself. She believes nothing is ordinary. To see Kim’s photographic view of the world, please visit

Kim and her husband Paul share a love of friends, art, good food, music, fountain pens, cycling, and especially their cat, Babette.


Tyler Davis- Sales Assistant

Tyler has been playing music for most of his life, and has a deep love for all American roots music, especially the folk and mountain music from the early 20th century. He is a lover of history and old Gibson guitars, with a firm belief that old things are imbued with the stories of their previous companions. He loves writing songs, and playing folk music from Leadbelly to Bob Dylan.

Tyler was born and raised in Visalia California, a small central valley town surrounded by the ghosts of the dust bowl, and moved to Nashville with his wife Meghan in 2018. They are expecting their first child in early 2020.

You’ll usually find Tyler in the back of the shop restringing guitars or chatting with customers about music and their guitar collections.

Liz- Guitar Teacher, The Academy

A skilled and seasoned guitarist, Liz lives for music. She has been playing for over 20 years, and is known as a strong and dependable touring, sub, and session musician. Liz has toured worldwide opening for The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Kool and the Gang, George Benson, Zucchero, Patricia Kaas, Christine and the Queens, Richard Hogsdon (Supertramp), Lynyrd Skynyrd, Martina McBridge, and others.

She is the founder and owner of Root Note Studio, a highly regarded music lessons studio, with locations in Lowell, MA and Nashville, TN. Through her work building and managing the studio, she has made her dedication to exemplary, accessible music instruction and the institution of community music abundantly clear.

Currently based out of Nashville, TN, Liz spends her time writing and working on guitar curriculums and teaching strategies. She is sought out as an in-demand private guitar instructor (in person and via Skype) with a worldwide student base, and works as a side musician for hire.

Jason Goforth- Technician, The Guitar Clinic

With an incredible knowledge of guitars and a vast experience of working in repairs, Jason has joined the TNAG team as our in-house Technician for the Guitar Clinic. With a precise eye and steady hand, Jason can be trusted with any guitar related task.

Kevin Harper- Audio Production 


With experience in engineering, mixing and producing, Kevin is incredibly skilled and helps out with all the audio production in the TNAG showroom. Alongside this, Kevin is a talented violinist, guitarist and bassist.