The Guitar Clinic

The North American Guitar presents The Guitar Clinic, our in-house guitar repair and maintenance service. 

With an incredible knowledge of guitars and a vast experience of working in repairs, Jason Goforth is fully equipped as our in-house technician in our Nashville showroom.

Jason Goforth

Set-Up and Repair Services Offered in our Showroom:

  • Restringing: (guitar or mandolin): $25-35
  • Restringing and cleaning: $50 and up
  • Restringing classical: $40
  • Minor adjustment and restring: $45 and up
  • Full set up acoustic or electric: $85 and up

By our Partnered Luthiers:

  • Pickup installation (under saddle): $95-120 if no bridge or saddle work needed
  • Pickup installation (dual system): $150 and up 
  • Bridge re-glue: $180
  • Repair cracked top brace: $80
  • Repair top crack: $120
  • Basic neck reset: $750 
  • Replace frets: $25 per fret
  • Full refret (fretboard planing/dressing included): $25 x number of frets
  • Repair back center seam separation: $150
  • Bone saddle, compensated: $75-95
  • Bone nut: $85-125

Prices are determined per requirement of each instrument,  and prices can and do vary. If the pricing is more than originally quoted to the customer, we will contact the customer and get permission to do the work at the higher price before proceeding. If the work required is less than originally expected, we adjust the price accordingly.

If you don't see what you're looking for, we offer a whole host of other guitar repair and maintenance services which are quoted on an individual basis. To discuss a repair or maintenance job with us, simply contact us via phone on 615-266-6120, email us here.