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The Selling Service

Welcome to The Selling Service - the preferred choice for musicians and collectors around the world when selling their custom, high-end instrument.
In our experience, we have found that the biggest obstacle in selling a custom, high-end guitar was the time it took, dealing with enquiries that came in and the logistical nightmare of shipping & insurance; likewise for buyers buying a pre-owned instrument it was ensuring the validity of the seller, the conditioning the guitar and of course, the shipping and importing.
The Selling Service addresses all of these, giving sellers a simple, pain-free experience from start to finish when selling their guitar; and instilling total confidence from the buyer that they are buying safely and securely from the world’s leading retailer of custom guitars.
How does it work?
1. Simply fill out our consignment form below
2. We'll be in touch to arrange a fully-insured collection of your guitar via our preferred courier
3. Your guitar will be inspected and valued at one of our showrooms.
Your instrument is professionally photographed by our photographer
Your instrument is filmed in 4k being played by one of our TNAG artists to showcase the instrument.
4. The instrument is listed for sale on the TNAG Pre-Owned Collection on both our US and UK websites, which is visited by thousands of guitar collectors from around the world.
5. Once your guitar is sold, we ship it, fully-insured, to its new owner on an Express service, and the funds from the sale will be paid to you via wire transfer or PayPal.
What are the costs involved?
The shipping cost to get the guitar to your nearest The North American Guitar showroom. This will vary depending on your location, but can in some cases be offered to you free of charge.
Once we have inspected and valued your instrument, a £120 consignment fee is due, which covers the cost of creating professional photography and video of your guitar in order to represent it in the same, much lauded way that we represent all of our guitars.
When your guitar sells, we take a 20% commission on the final selling price.
To start the process of selling your guitar, please fill in the form below and one of our guitar experts will be in touch shortly.
For more information about The Selling Service, please get in contact by emailing us here.
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