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Alembic Stanley Clarke Deluxe 4-string Electric Bass, Pre-Owned


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This extraordinary Alembic Bass has just arrived here at The North American Guitar. This bass is extremely easy and comfortable to play and sounds as striking as it looks. With Volume, 2 Filter, 2 Position Q‑Switchs there is certainly no shortage of tones. 

Heres what the luithers have to say about the bass...

"Buckeye Burl is the focal point of Twilight. The top is exceptionally blue and dark, with a wonderful burst of a lighter cream colour from between the pickups. It's an exciting wood, always piquing interest and provoking questions of, "is that marble?"

"The Mahogany body core is set off from the Buckeye Burl top and back with double accents of Maple and Purpleheart. The Purpleheart is a regular 1/8" laminate, and the Maple is a thin veneer. It's not the first thing you notice on the bass, but one of those cool things that after you start wearing it, you look down and notice a pleasant surprise."    

"Blue wood calls for blue side LEDs. As is our tradition, each LED has a tiny sterling silver circle inlaid around it, so even when the lights are off, the position is still clearly marked."

  • Stanley Clarke Deluxe 4-string bass

  • Buckeye Burl top and back

  • Mahogany body core

  • Purpleheart and Maple laminates

  • Maple and Purpleheart neck

  • Continuous wood backplates

  • Inlaid logo with rays

  • Blue side LEDs

  • Abalone oval inlays

  • Nickel plated hardware

  • Polyester gloss finish with a satin neck feel

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