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B&G Solid Brass ABR Bridge, Aged Finish


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B&G ABR made of solid aged brass.

This is a recommend upgrade for B&G's Crossroads guitars, or any other guitar using 6-32 sized bridge posts with 2.9" spacing.

Comparing the Crossroads standard bridge with the solid brass bridge, by The Guitar Magazine:

"The brass bridge weighs 15g more than the standard gold-plated one, and the difference in tone is noticeable both acoustically and electrically. With the brass there’s a marked increase in sparkling frequencies, note separation, twang and sustain. We also hear more of the acoustic character coming through and the Crossroads’ touch dynamics improve."

* String spread: 2-1/16″ / 2.0625″ / 52.39mm 
* Radius: 12″
* Solid-brass studs and thumb-wheels included 

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