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Beetronics OctaHive High Octave Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal


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The Beetronics OctaHive is super high gain fuzz with a well pronounced high pitch octave. The octave can be turned off by the toggle switch, turning it into a warmer and thicker fuzz pedal.

The best way to achieve a well pronounced octave sound is by lowering the Pre gain and the tone control on your instrument. The balance between the Pre and Honey is the key to achieving a variety of sounds.

On the octave mode, things can get really nasty, splashy and gated. It's great for high gain leads, specially when played above the 12th fret. With a little less HONEY you can get that 'Purple Haze' tone. At low gain settings it can produce 'ring modulator' overtones, great for textures.

With the octave off it's a whole different pedal, producing a warmer and thicker fuzz tone, making it more versatile and "chord friendly".

The OctaHive was based on the 1970s Tycobrahe Octavia and it can produce classic and modern sounds. A great addition to every pedal board.

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