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Cornell Overdrive Special Guitar Effects Pedal


This guitar is currently being built and is available for pre-order. Payment will be taken now and we will get in touch when the guitar is ready to be shipped.

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The Cornell Overdrive Special has a wide range of tones and can be used from clean boost to large amounts of distortion. A good initial set up would be to simply adjust the Gain controls to minimum and the output almost full.

Channel one will give you a clean boost.

Channel Two gives more Gain than Channel One, this will result in a crunch tone.

For more distortion turn up either Gain 1 or Gain 2, but remember to turn the volume down to balance your by-pass volume.  If you wish for, even more, the Boost control is there at every setting – just switch it in and adjust to the amount you want.

"The Overdrive Special has a versatility that many pedals fail to achieve while not crushing the front end of your amplifier. It’s very open and cordial in its attack"

The Guitarist Magazine


  • Controls: Volume, Tone
  • Switches: True Bypass
  • Polished stainless steel housing
  • Easy-fit 9 volt (PP3) battery compartment
  • High Input jack



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