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Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard Guitar Effects Pedal


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The Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard is a harmonic fuzz effects pedal, handbuilt by Paul Crowther in New Zealand.

The first Crowther pedal was built in the UK in 1976 while Paul Crowther was touring as the drummer of band Split Enz. Paul still builds every Crowther pedal himself, with the likes of Mark Knopfler, Noel Gallagher as users.

  • Input impedance: 1
  • Megohm. (equivalent to a typical valve amplifier. )
  • Output impedance: less than 13k Ohm
  • Recommended minimum output load impedance: 100k Ohm.
  • Bypass type: Circuit converts into a high quality buffer with simple, quiet, seamless switching, using gold plated contacts.
  • Phase polarity: Non inverting.
  • Continuous current consumption approx. 3.5 mA (LED on)
  • External power supply socket. 9-12VDC, 2.1mm, pin negative. Compatible with most popular AC adapters.
  • If more than one pedal is powered from the same adapter, a regulated type should be used to minimise “hum” (100/120hz) which can be caused by circulating ripple currents.
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