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Elixir Nanoweb E12002 Super Light Strings, 09-42


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Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings have a thin Nanoweb coating, this forms a protective barrier between the stings and environmental elements such as moister in the air and on your fingers, this slows the rusting of the string and keeps them sounding bright and feeling fresh for up to 5 times longer than the standard electric guitar string.

  • The only coated string brand to protect the entire string with an ultra-thin coating, keeping gunk out of the gaps between the windings
  • Extended Tone Life, players report their tone lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated
  • Consistent performance and tone, ready to play whenever you are
  • Smooth feel that is easy on your fingers and enhances playability
  • Reduces finger squeak, good for both performance and recording
  • Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings resist tone-deadening corrosion, ensuring a longer life for the entire set.
  • With less hassle and expense of frequent string changes, spend more time making music.
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