Fairbanks F10 Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany / Red Spruce

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The Fairbanks F10 is Dale Fairbanks' take on the small-bodied, round-backed L-1 model from the 1920s and '30s.

The F10 retains all the period correct details, from the thin finish and transparent sunburst to the tapered headstock and flush heel cap, but replaces the original 'A' or 'H' top bracing with the more refined 90 degree 'X'. The X is tall, thin and unscalloped and, when combined with a thin top and a 24-1/4" scale, produces a tone not really heard from any other design these days: boxy and hard-edged enough for the blues with rich tonal complexity (on demand!) that makes one want to expand one's musical boundaries. This is one loud and fun little guitar with a personality that won't be put in a corner.

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