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Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar, 1966, White - Pre-Owned

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The gorgeous Telecaster from the early days of CBS Fender ownership brings together a host of the characteristics that make these instruments such phenomenal workhorses. 
Between the two single-coil pickups you have a wide range of tones, with everything from the iconic tele spank and chime in the bridge through to a gloriously smooth and rich tone in the neck pickup that works wonders on a clean tone and provides a huge, punchy feel with the amp cranked up. 
The finish across the instrument has developed a stunning patina over the years, and with the four-bolt neck, transition era logo and outstanding playability all round, it's a hard guitar to put down! 
The guitar still has its original hardcase, which over time has become a true rock'n'roll relic. 
  • Alder Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Original Hardcase
  • Ashtray Bridge 
  • 3-ply Pickguard
  • Pearl Dot Inlays 
  • Two Single-Coil Pickups 
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