Greenfield Bespoke Build Slot for 2018 (35% Deposit)


This build slot with Michael Greenfield for 2018 is available now, and can be secured today with a 35% deposit of £3,587.50, based on the starting price of £10,250 for a Greenfield GF guitar.

Michael Greenfield offers a number of models, each of which has a different starting price:

  • GF (£10,250 inc VAT)
  • G1 (£13,950 inc VAT)
  • G2 (£13,950 inc VAT)
  • G3 (£13,950 inc VAT)
  • G4 (£14,950 inc VAT)
  • G5 (£11,650 inc VAT)

For examples of previous builds, please visit our Greenfield page.

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