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Lame Horse Guitars Saddle Pal 'Emily', Box Elder & Engelmann Spruce


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This is a stunning example of the fine craftsmenship from father and son duo Chris & Jeremy Jenkins of Lame Horse Guitars.  We have always been inspired by the beauty and playabilty of thier Saddle Pal model and Emily is a real stunner.

Emily was built for the Local Wood Challenge at the Holy Grail Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Guitar builders from all over the world come together and present guitars made from woods native to their homeland. We were proud to present a guitar made of all Texas woods.

Emily Morgan was a spy for Sam Houston who "occupied" Santa Anna as the Texans prepared their attack at the Battle of San Jacinto, where Texas won independence from Mexico in 1836. She is the famous Yellow Rose of Texas.

All of the guitar's inlays and sound holes are very symbolic. The blue and the red of the 100-piece front inlay represent the courage and the blood shed by the valiant defenders of the Alamo, and the 200 Texan freedom fighters of Goliad Santa Ana executed on Palm Sunday, 1836. The teardrop shaped sound holes are symbolic also of the tears shed for those brave men. The Texas history theme continues to the sides and back where the red streaked box elder resembles blood stains.

Santa Ana refused burials for all of the Texans who died at Goliad and the Alamo, and burned their bodies. At San Jacinto the Texans rose like the Phoenix inlaid on the back of this guitar from those ashes to win their independence.

  • Top - Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii)
  • Back and sides - box elder (Acer negundo)
  • Fingerboard, binding, side braces, access panel cover - Texas ebony (Ebanopsis ebano)
  • Inside linings - White oak (Quercus alba
  • Bridge - honey mesquite ( Prosopis glandulosa)
  • Neck - Canadian maple ( Acer saccharum)
  • Scale 25.5”
  • Tuners - Graphtec Ratio
  • Rear access panel
  • Lame Horse action adjustment system
  • Nut and saddle - cow bone
  • Hide glue construction
  • Calton travel case

This guitar is an ex demo and was displayed on the Boutique Guitar Showcase European Tour and Holy Grail Guitar Show.

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