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Lame Horse Instruments Gitjo Guitar/Banjo


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So this is what happens when a guitar and a banjo fall in love.

This is actually a scarily versatile instrument, obviously swampy blues and country work beautifully but it also excels in more exotic contexts; Amazing for Greek music and Flamenco (seriously!) and ragas.

The helimount frame was invented by banjo master Tom Nechville. It allows for perfectly even pressure on the head at all points around the tone ring at all times - unlike the old hook and nut method of mounting banjo heads. Also, the head may be changed out in minutes rather than hours. In addition, the Helimount system allows for precision tuning of the head to whatever note or frequency the player wishes. This is virtually impossible with hooks and nuts.
Another feature brought to the new Gitjo by the Helimount frame is an increase in the monople mode of vibration of the head, resulting in a much more volume in the bass notes, a more balanced instrument string to string than other 6 string banjos, and a louder instrument overall.
  • Eleven inch solid Bubinga pot with a Helimount cast frame.
  • Renaissance head fitted with Cavanjo pickup
  • Seven-piece AAAAA bird’s eye hard rock American maple neck with adjustable playing action
  • Slotted peghead with Grover tuners
  • Plywood hard case lined with velour
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