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Somogyi Mod-D Acoustic Guitar, Master Grade Brazilian Rosewood & Bearclaw Sitka Spruce - Pre-Owned


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The mothership has landed! Ladies and gentlemen, we are incredibly proud to offer for sale this absolutely stunning 2009 mint condition Modified Dreadnought by the master Ervin Somogyi. Created in a phenomenal set of Master Grade Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides and a very rare hand-selected Bearclaw Sitka Spruce, this guitar is without a doubt the 'Holy Grail' of the modern, steel-strung acoustic guitar.

Built and delivered in 2009, it has been beautifully cared for by its single owner and is in museum like condition. 

Tonally this instrument is absolutely breath taking. It is articulate and beautifully balanced with a smooth and velvet like response. Having played this guitar for a few days now, one can only feel humbled by its beauty and ability to deliver a sonic pallet like no other. Ervin Somogyi is indeed the master and his Mod-D the perfect canvas for the artist to paint.

"The Mod-D. or M.D. (Modified Dreadnought) is my proprietary shape, it grew out of the very traditional Martin Dreadnought guitar.  That guitar was designed for musicians who stood when they played; my version is designed for musicians who sit.  As such, it offers a waist and a better center-of-balance.  This model was furthermore invented before luthiers were calling their own models showy names like the “Shenandoah”, the “Il Padrone”, the “Grand Tetons”, etc. (these are names I’ve thought up, by the way; I don’t think anyone actually uses them).  I had modified the canonical Dreadnought guitar, and simply called it the “modified dreadnought” at the time.  The name stuck..." - Ervin Somogyi

  • Somogyi Mod-D from 2009
  • Brazilian Rosewood
  • Hand-selected Alaskan Lucky 12 Sitka by Ervin
  • Rodgers
  • Linear abalone inlay position markers
  • Ebony binding on ebony fingerboard, with a thin maple veneer
  • Lattice-braced back
  • Ervin Somogyi hand-carved rosette
  • Ervin Somogyi hand-carved end graft
  • Headstock veneer: Single-piece African Blackwood 
  • Rodgers tuners
  • French polish finish to top and back


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