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Spalt R1601 'Babe's Fun House' Electric Guitar


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This stunning guitar is Babe's Funhouse by Spalt Instruments. Part of Michael Spalt's Babe series, this guitar boasts interesting themes, both visually and sonically.

Visually, the guitar is themed around 18th and 19th century little bisque dolls and their (mis)adventures.  In this iteration, Babe is running a vintage toy carousel, working the machinery below the little kids having fun.  

The guitar has a scale length of 27", which is a baritone scale length.  When speaking to Michael Spalt about why he chose the scale length, he said, "I like this scale length because it is still comfortable. I usually tune it to D and if you put a capo on the 2nd fret you get a regular scale length tuned to E.  Makes it simple for people not familiar with transposition. Anyway, it is strung with 11s, giving you a nice full ring and the proper tension."

The electronics department provides a few surprises, with a humbucker and a piezo. The humbucker has a four-way rotary switch with the option to choose between the two coils separately, or whether you want to use them both in series or parallel. The three-way switch on the upper bout then switches between this pre-selection and the piezo in the bridge.  

The front pot is the humbucker pickup volume and the second one is for the piezo volume with a push/pull for 2 voicings (Michael Spalt calls them Martin and Gibson - sort of).

The last pot is the tone control for the magnetic pickups (back there because it gets used the least).  

"The two sources can be mixed at will and can give you a huge gamut of tones (piezo with mag tone rolled off completely - try that...)  It's worth experimenting a bit with all of this - it pays off!" says Michael Spalt.

  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Nut and FB inlays are coloured bone
  • Schertler tuners
  • The bridge is a Graph Tech Ghost piezo wraparound
  • Baritone scale length (27")
  • Humbucker and Piezo pickups
  • Controls: Four-way rotary switch for choosing the coils of the neck pickup; three-way switch chooses between neck pickup selection and the Piezo. The two coils in the neck can be switched via the four-way switch (rotary), giving you either coil, both in parallel (humbucker mode) or series mode. The three-way switch on the upper bout switches between this pre-selection and the piezo in the bridge.
  • 1 x Humbucker Volume control; 1 x Piezo Volume control (with push pull switch for different voicings); 1 x Humbucker Tone control
  • Hardshell case included
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